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Living in the sun Pro

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Predicting Sun an Moon positions.for who* Photographers.* Architects* Gardeners* Campers* Real Estate Buyers* Astronomers.* Fishing, Hunting, Angler, fisherman
features* Solar path map . 3D Solar path with google map . Support street view* Automatic Timezone . Set the timezone automatically based on the location . experimental feature* Solar path camera . augmented reality camera . Sun seeker, Sun surveyor, Sun position* Solunar Calendar, Solunar Time . based on Solunar theory by John Aldenn Knight since 1926 .fishing calendar, fishing time, hunting time, Solunar tables* 2D compass . sundial, moondial . true north, magnetic north* 3D gyroscope compass . 3D compass with camera* Solar, Lunar path . Solar & Lunar path with compass* Twilight . sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset . civil, nautical, astronomical twilight time* Moon phase . Moon phase calendar* 12 Zodiac signs* 24 Solar terms